With rapidly changing YouTube algorithms, it is wise for you to learn the updates. Learning the latest optimization secrets is going to bring success to your YouTube videos.

Basically, here are some secrets that are going to make you win big in 2022.

YouTube marketing

Creating Longer Videos

Basically, when YouTube wants to rank your channel, it looks at the watch time. The longer the watch time, the higher you are likely to rank.

On the other hand, an extra-long video is going to make viewers lose interest. An ideal video length is 15 minutes.

Even if your video is boring, people will jump and watch the other part. By this, they are also increasing the watch time and hence your ranking.

Putting Parenthesis And Year

A channel showing the latest year makes it look relevant to the audience needs. Research, done by internet marketers online shows that parenthesis makes YouTube videos rank higher. The current year should be in parenthesis. More to that, you should try putting adjectives where relevant. These are words like sweet, bitter and so forth.

Here is an example.

Sweet Ways To Cook Pizza[2022]

Engaging Your Viewers

Replying to your viewer’s comments make them feel part of the channel. More to that, search engines love comments. Whether the comments are positive or negative, they make your channel have a huge following.

You can make people comment by leaving a clickbait question at the end of the video blog.

You should always make sure that you have many subscribers to your blog. Subscribed viewers are always notified when you upload a new blog to YouTube.

Choosing A Niche Wisely

If you want to get more viewers, you should ensure that you select a niche that attracts the interest of the majority.

‘Engineering’ YouTube tutorials will not bring traffic to your channel. On the other hand, lifestyle YouTube videos attract numerous traffic.

Some of the topics that can make your YouTube channel popular include.

How To Save Money

How To Slim In 30 Days

This is because they affect the daily lives of people.


A majority of YouTube videos use three colours. The colours are red, black and white. Adding a unique colour like green is going to make your video attractive to the eye.

Basically, this will make a viewer click on your channel since it looks different.

Youtube aims at increasing the watch time by providing relevant content to the user. These are some of the tricks that will help you rank. More to that, you should ensure that you rank for a keyword that is less competitive.

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