Microsoft has recently released .NET 6.0 on 11th Nov 2021. This release has a lot of exciting features.

Let’s Explore a few of these features

.NET 6.0

One platform .NET 6.0

You probably notice there is no Core in its name that’s because Microsoft has merged all .NET platforms into 1 platform that is .NET6.0. You don’t have to confuse yourself in .NET Core, .NET Framework or Xamarin.

Single Base class (BSL)

Since Microsoft have merged all development platform that means now we have a single base class BSL. That will make developer life a lot easier.

Visual studio 2022

Microsoft has also launched a newer version of Visual studio with this release Visual Studio 2022. .NET 6.0 works on this version of Visual studio. This visual studio is finally in 64bit edition and it has a new design, look & feel. The biggest improvement in my point of view is Hot reload. With Hot reload you can change code during debug mode and you do not have to recompile the whole project/solution.


The new version of C# is also included in this release. In C#10 Microsoft has improved a lot of default templates and included new templates. Microsoft has tried to improve startup experience in this release, you see the evidence in startup templates. We also have a new version of Entity Framework (EF) core in this release.

ASP.NET Core 6.0

You might be thinking it’s a mistake but it is not. ASP.NET still have a core name in it. This release has a newer version of ASP.NET that is ASP.NET Core 6.0. Blazor is a very exciting change in ASP.NET Core 6.0. Now you can develop clientside applications with Blazor.


Microsoft has deprecated Xamarin.Forms platform in the favor of Maui. Using Maui you can not only create cross-platform mobile applications but you can create applications for other operating systems as well. Like Windows, Mac OS.

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