Are you having problems getting a top Google ranking for your business? You can learn how to get a top ranking on Google.

Below are the three main ways through which you can get a top Google ranking for your small business.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Improve the loading speed of your page

The time taken by your page to load is important to your business because a slow load speed is recognized by Google and this hurts your ranking. A slow website affects how visitors to your site engage with its contents and this adversely affects your ranking. Therefore, to get a top Google ranking for your business, you need to improve the loading speed of your website.

Update your website and produce content of high quality

Updating your website often improves its SEO ranking and to increase the traffic to your website and enhance its popularity you need to produce excellent content that gives visitors a reason to visit your site again. Your content needs to be updated, relevant and of high quality. If the information on your website is exciting and recent, it increases the visitors’ dwell-time which positively impacts on your Google ranking.

Break your content with header tags

Headings and subheadings help in improving user experience on your website. They help in breaking up the content thereby making it easier to read. Besides, they make your website look more appealing which is important when it comes to dwell-time and ranking. If your website has no headings, it discourages visitors from spending more time on it and as a result, the Google ranking suffers.

You need to focus on ranking your website top on Google today and in the future. It is not too late for your small business to implement the aforementioned ways because soon you will be among the top search results on Google.

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