Technological skills are essential in today’s world. Programming is one such skill. While the learning curve for programming might appear steep, there are many great tools available one can use to learn in remarkably short time. This article will get you through some of the basics of programming. Mobile application programming is the creation of application software for mobile devices, what we call ‘apps.’ The two major platforms on which mobile apps are created on are Android and Apple’s iOS. Here are a few essentials one will need.

The basics are a good computer and smartphone. Next up one needs and IDE (Integrated Development Environment). An IDE is a text editor on which one will write their code. It has all the tools needed for writing code and it also compiles the code into an app for running on a device, for testing or deployment. The recommended IDE for Android is Android Studio, which is available on the Android developer website. For iOS, the IDE of choice is XCode also available on the Apple developer website.

Once downloaded, the entire package should include the IDE and the respective Software Development Kit(SDK). The SDK is essentially a piece of software that allows the IDE to understand your code and translate it into an app. Once the download is done, everything is in place. One should then visit the Android or Apple developer websites for help in setting up their development environment. There they will find an introductory course on starting out, tutorials, videos and app code samples that will prove useful as one advances their skills.

And that’s all one needs; it seems a bit daunting at first, but as time goes and skills grow, things get easier. One just needs to find good look up material; Google is always the first option, there are also video courses from sites like team treehouse or other similar sites. Information is available everywhere. Another great source of information is YouTube from where one can watch video tutorials if reading a book is too much of a task. And that’s all one needs, try it out the next ‘app’ sensation could come from you.

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