During the development process a lot of time you come across situations where you need to restore the B2B Commerce database from Optimizely Staging or Production to our local environment.

Most of the time we have a console user username and password and sometimes we need to use a user and change his password locally to investigate an issue.

This blog explains you step by step easy way to change a console user password locally.

First of all, you need to restore the Optimizely B2B database in your local environment.

Now Open the database in the management studio and look for the “website” table. Change “DomainName” column of your website to your local environment URL – Such as localhost

Optimizely B2B

Now access Optimizely Commerce B2B Admin console in the browser such as http://localhost/admin

Optimizely b2b Commerce login

Click on forgot password

Optimizely b2b Commerce forgot password

Add username and click on send the email. If you are not sure about usernames you can have a look at [AdminUserProfile] table. This table contains all console users.

Now this is your local environment and it would not send an actual email but all emails are stored in the EmailMessage table. All you have to do is just open this table and find your email record and there is a reset password link in this email.

Since you have set up the website domain to your local environment, you can easily copy and paste the link in the email message to your browser and reset the console user password.

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