Sometimes we come across a requirement to get list of methods in C# class. This is very useful if you want to automate your documentation process and want to have a list of methods in a class.

To get the list of methods in class you normally use the GetMethods method. This method will return an array of MethodInfo objects. We have a lot of information about a method in the MethodInfo object and the name is one of them.


You can use BindingFlags to get a filtered list of methods. For example, if you want to get only Public methods in class you can write code like

MethodInfo[] mInfos = typeof(MyClass).GetMethods(BindingFlags.Public);

There are four types of binding flags

  • Public
  • Static
  • NonPublic
  • Instance

BindingFlags and MethodInfo enumerations are part of System.Reflaction namespace.

Example: Let’s assume you want to get the names of all public and static methods in a class.

MethodInfo[] mInfos = typeof(MyTestClass).GetMethods(BindingFlags.Public |
delegate(MethodInfo methodInfo1, MethodInfo methodInfo2)
   return methodInfo1.Name.CompareTo(methodInfo2.Name); 

Now let’s write names

foreach (MethodInfo mInfo in mInfos)

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